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Founded in 1982, APM, Ariane Prette Monaco, is a contemporary fashion jewelry brand that associates itself with the chicness of Monaco and South of France lifestyle.

With over 30 years of experience, APM jewelry is designed in house with high attention to every step of the design process from sketch to finish, each piece is made with expert craftmanship using the finest materials. By manufacturing and producing everything in house, we have strict quality control at every stage of the production process as we are able to overlook and make sure everything is at top quality.

Family-first principles remain strong at APM, maintaining the core values of the company.

APM is a lot of fashion, a lot of chic and a lot of smile, these three values are our driving force and make up our unique identity.

APM is fashion. It’s heritage, history, the street style, and simply, art. Being hyperaware of trends, every one of our collections reflect what’s current in that very moment.

APM is the chic of Monaco, synonymous with elegance, savoir-vivre, and luxury. APM has incorporated this value since its debut and it is exemplified in all our ventures.

APM is smile. Embodying the lifestyle of the South of France, positive, welcoming, radiant, natural, simple and kind. APM lives by enjoying now to protect our future

Since APM’s establishment in 1982, these 3 core values have been infused in all our endeavors, our creations, our in-house production, our distribution, our communication, and most importantly, our relationship with customers and teams. With around 3000 employees, over 350 boutiques in more than 30 countries APM approaches everything with fashion, chic and smile, these pillars are instilled in everything we do.

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